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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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rock n roll will never die. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands. the beginning of the end. closing arguments set to begin in the casey anthony trial. a live report on what to expect, next. the road to 2012. starts a bus in iowa for michele bachmann. dangerous heat. new record highs in parts of the country. is there any relief from the early summer scorchers? a new claim over the death of ernest hemingway, a theory why the famous writer decided to take his own life. good morning, i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." final judgment, nearing in the casey anthony trial this morning. just an hour from now, closing arguments scheduled to begin in the case of the 25-year-old mother accused of murdering her
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2-year-old daughter caylee. then the case goes to the jury. live in orlando. good sunday morning to you. lay out what's going to happen today. >> reporter: today the prosecution will begin laying out its closing arguments, likely based -- they have to base it actually on the evidence already presented. judge perry was specific neither party can make statements not based on evidence already presented which makes that question stand up whether or not the defense will bring up accusations, allegations that casey was molested by her father and brother in order to explain her behavior and her lies. than we will hear today. once done, out first goes the prosecution, then the defense, then the prosecution gets to wrap it up and deliberations beg begin. before that jury will get instructions from judge perry. >> do we have an estimate as to how long each side will be given or expects to present their case? >> reporter: one point in the
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past, they said that each one will be given half a day. we know that the state will wrap it up. they will come back, so it sounds like half a day for each side and then the third stage which is sort of like what we saw during their presentation of their cases when the state came around and brought rebuttal witnesses. we expect this will last one day. and by this afternoon or tonight the jury will be given instructions and then deliberations begin. >> when given instructions, let's say it is tonight, they go straight into a deliberation phase or do they break in sleep? do -- are there limits how long the jury can work every day? >> reporter: there are none that i know of. but judge perry has been very lenient in letting the jury decide on their time lines. now they will go into deliberations. what we do flknow is, as soon ay
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reach a verdict, the media will be given 30 minutes, resume their places and we'll bring that verdict to you and everybody watching on msnbc. if they find casey guilty of first-degree murder, then a penalty phase will begin at that point. we will hear from several witnesses and casey may even take the stand. now, for her to get convicted of death penalty, the entire jury has to of course reach a unanimous decision that the point, judge perry will evaluate the recommendation and we do know that the defense has already filed a motion for mistrial, based on the death penalty in florida and how federal court ruling considered that unconstitutional a few weeks ago. there are several options and we can only expect that the time line might be longer. >> okay. >> reporter: if that happens. >> we will see. you never know what to expect, that's for sure. it gets under way for a while.
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we invite all of you to stay with msnbc for closing arguments. we will carry them live at the tomp 0 the hour. crews are working to begin a messy oil spill. an underwater exxon oil pipeline burst that leaked oil into the water. kulr has this story. >> reporter: for months the yellowstone river has been creeping up over its banks. now that spreading water is streaked with oil. >> i'm kind of reeling now. i can deal with the river problems because vie to deal deal with the river problems because i live down here. but this oil, we're not talking about one barrel. >> reporter: late friday night a 12-inch exon mobile pipeline ruptured under yellowstone, sending up to 1,000 barrels of oil to the surface. more than 100 people evacuated. they returned to homes once the
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area deemed safe. the spokes woman says they're not sure why the rupture occurred, and they regret the incident. >> we want to protect the environment, you know have a clean river for all of us to enjoy. we all live here. and so we're doing everything we can. >> reporter: disaster and emergency services workers say there's no immediate threat to humans but the long-term effects are still unknown. >> you know i don't know if it's getting in my water system, i can smell it in the house through the such pump as it's pumping out from underneath. my home's in jeopardy. that's what's eating at me. >> reporter: nbc news, billings, montana. record heat in phoenix, arizona, hazardous temperatures climbed. strong winds knocked down power lines. the national service says cloud cover kept it from reaching 120 degrees. with your sunday forecast, weather channel's jeff morrow. good grief!
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look at that map. it's all red and hot pink. good morning. >> could you imagine, though, 118? that's like walking into a blast furnace. hot stuff out there. unfortunately, it does continue to look pretty hot here. 103 in oklahoma city, 120 dallas. numbers next to those how much above average high temperatures are expected to be. probably going to set more records today. some parts of the southeast, as they say, it's not just the heat, it's the humid humidity. this is what will it feel like across the south. 103 in montgomery, jackson. 100 on bourbon street in new orleans. the other big weather story would be some of the showers and thunderstorms you're dealing with some of this today in new york city. not alone philadelphia, d.c., baltimore, toward boston and hartford. seeing threat of severe thunderstorms as we head through the day. better days ahead for the 4th tomorrow it looks like things will clear out for much of the
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northeast. >> which is where we are. no complaints, certainly compared to arizona. more details about the crumbling case dense dominique strauss-kahn. prosecutors revealed serious questions about the hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault. ron allen outside the apartment for dominique strauss-kahn. ron, with a good morning to you, do these questions have brought up a lot of issues, none of yet to be resolved yet. but it's a mess, to say the least. >> reporter: well, it's a lot, yes. strauss-kahn is still at this luxury townhouse. no longer under house arrest. he can go where err he wants to he seems to be spending time here. he can afford to sit back the harsh spotlight is focused on his accuser the 32-year-old housekeeper from south africa who alleges she was sexually assaulted. a lot of prosecutors and lawyers are saying it's going to be very difficult to convict strauss-kahn of any kind of
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crime. >> reporter: no longer under house arrest, dominique strauss-kahn and his wife left the luxury town haas with no word of that air destination. friday after leaving court free on a promise to return and $6 million bail and bond in his pocket, strauss-kahn dined at this exclusive restaurant, running up $700 tab. new details about what led prosecutors to question the accuser's story. a 32-year-old housekeeper at this hotel. sources close to the investigation had already revealed she telephoned an alleged drug dealer after the incident to talk about how to profit. now "the new york times" reports that person was her boyfriend in an arizona jail, and says words to effect of don't worry, think guy has a lot of money. i know what i'm doing. a conversation prosecutors reportedly just translated days ago, from the woman's native african dialect.
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>> if these allegations are true, it seems this kcase is so compromised the on thing the d.a.'s office should do is dismiss the indictment and get rid of the case. >> the a fact the victim may some mistake. but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> reporter: however, observers say the prosecutor's public admissions that she's been untruthful about a variety of topics makes her a very difficult, alleged victim to put on a witness stand. >> rape cases people say unconsciously and consciously in their head whether or not they believe the person and they do take into consideration people's reputations, backgrounds. >> reporter: a letter prosecutors sent to the court reveals the woman now says she did not report the incident to a supervisor immediately but instead, proceeded to clean a nearby room and then strauss-kahn's room as well. they say she admits filing false tax returns and misrepresenting her income to continue living in public housing. and there's this --
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prosecutors say the woman told them an emotional story about being a victim of gang rape in her home country and later admitted that never occurred. legal experts will tell you, it is possible for rape victims with dubious backgrounds not perfect to find justice in criminal courts. however in this case the defendant is unlikely to accept a plea deal or admit guilt and he has resources, time, money, determination to try to clear his name. >> appreciate that live report. see you again. let's get to politics now. a busy weekend for white house hopefuls michele bachmann rolled through three towns of her iowa bus tour. she ordered waffles with strawberries and ate with voters. she took a hard line against corporate bailouts. >> i have nothing against somebody trying to make an honest buck. i have nothing against wall street. what i do have something against
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when private industry decides that they can do what they want and stick us with bill. if you get yourself to the point of bankruptcy, i'll be sorry, but i won't be bailing you out with the american people's money. >> today the minnesota congresswoman will host meet and greets in carol and sioux city iowa. mitt romney's keeping distance from the hawkeye state. he's running a leaner campaign as opposed to 2008. he's out with a new online add for the fourth of july. >> we can be just as proud. >> i'm doing well. >> i'd like to thank everyone who sent packages during the holiday season. >> we are grateful for the support and good cheer you help bring to the holiday season. >> proud to be an american. >> herman cain headlined the "we the people" convention in ohio following news two of his top
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staffs are quit. they confirmed their resignations. the businessman talked about small government and lower taxes. >> we have an administration and a president that wants to turn america into a government-dominated socialist country. >> and michigan congress wham thaddeaus mccotter the latest gop candidate to toss his hat into the ring. >> today i am announcing my candidacy for the nomination of my republican party to serve as your president of the united states. >> after that announcement the five-term congressman picked up a guitar and joined the band. that's cool. more to learn what to expect from the casey anthony trial. a quick decision from the jury? ernest hemingway's farewell, 50 years later. and the end of the run for a
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all that's left are closing arguments. state and defense summing up the complex and emotional casey anthony murder case before 12 jurors and 5 alternates in about a half hour. kerry sanders has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: for 33 days in an orlando courtroom, casey anthony has cried, remained stoic, at moments even smiled and laughed as 61 witnesses for the prosecution, and 49 for the defense, detailed what they believe happened to 2-year-old caylee anthony. prosecutors claim casey murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee so she could live the life of a party girl, and she didn't even reveal caylee was missing for
8:17 am
more than a month. >> we will be asking you to return a verdict that reflects the truth. >> reporter: but the defense says caylee's death was a horrible accident. >> she never was missing. caylee anthony died on june 16, 2008 when she drawned in her family's swimming pool. >> reporter: during the trial, prosecutors presented evidence that, when caylee's skeletal remains were found, duct tape covered her nose and mouth. >> there's no child that should have duct tape on its face when it dies. there's no reason to put duct tape on the face after they die. >> reporter: the case put casey's mother, cindy, and father, george, in an awkward position, emotionally testifying for both the state and the defense. at one point, sin day peered to provide a cover story for her daughter, only to have the state friday produce work records showing that story could not be true. friday, the defense offered a
8:18 am
glimpse of its close argument. >> there has yet to be any evidence in in this case as to how this child died, which is the state's burden, not ours, where she died, which is the state's burden, not ours, when she died, the same burden, and who may have been in attendance with her or not. >> reporter: but the judge says he'll leave it up to the jury to determine what has or has not been proven. former u.s. attorney kendall coffey. >> i don't think think is an immediate verdict because there's still puzzling features about the case, maybe the biggest puzzle of 0 all casey anthony. she doesn't look like a killer but she lies like a criminal. and to figure out this case the jury may still be trying to figure out who is casey anthony. >> nbc's kerry sanders reporting. new attacks on the president from right about his job creation plan. can populace rhetoric on taxes and jobs really hurt him
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♪ you must remember this a kiss is still ace kiss♪ >> that kiss shows no chemistry, is the new princess of monaco happy she tied the knot?
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severe weather sweeping across the nation, bringing triple-digit temperatures and mass power outages. >> reporter: chris burns isn't putting a dent in his wallet on his holiday weekend. >> it's hot. it's just inexpensive way to cool off. >> reporter: trying to stay cool close to home, as triple-digit temperatures hit los angeles, along with other parts of the country. >> there are few area at least for this within and into next week that will not be impacted by above-average temperatures compared to average temperatures. >> reporter: across the midwest, another form of extreme weather,
8:23 am
a fierce summer storm packing 0 80-mile-per-hour winds, blew through burnett county, wisconsin, killing two people, injuring two dozen, leaving thousands without power. in chicago, storms this week knocked out power to thousands, and gave way to the city's highest temperatures in six years. >> it's hot. we don't have food. we can't cook. >> reporter: while 39 million americans hit the road this weekend, lower gas prices, down 24 cents this memorial day, still aren't enough for some travelers. >> makes us feel conscious of using the most fuel-efficient car we have and the mile -- how far distance we're going to take, planning ahead. >> not seeing evidence that consumers are spending. they're not spending like they used to. still very cautious. >> reporter: as consumers are continue to save money during the hot holiday weekend, public beaches and pools could turn out to be the most popular and
8:24 am
affordable destination. after three days on the run a baboon that escaped from a six flag as musement park has been captured. tranquilized yesterday on a farm miles away from the park. a farm hand was doing his normal chores when he turned around to find quite the shock. >> i was scared of him. we were both scared of each other. i'm not used to seeing baboon, i don't know if they're going to bite or what they're going to do, so i took a bail of hay to protect myself and he jumped down. >> a few adventure hilled days before, golf courses, back roads and a couple of porch. an early independence day in los angeles. quite the beautiful display filling the sky. that atradition started in 1969. enjoy, everyone. ♪ [ female announcer ] kiss everything you know about cookies goodbye.
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whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. closing arguments in the casey anthony murder trial set to begin about 45 minutes or so from now, after more than 33 days of testimony and 400 pieces of evidence, prosecutors and defense attorneys will make their final case to the jury. the prosecution says, casey anthony suffocated her 2-year-old daughter with duct tape but the defense says the toddler accidentally drawned. on friday the defense offered a glimpse of its closing argument. >> there has yet to be any evidence in this case as to how this child died, which is the state's burden and not ours, where she died, which is the state's burden and not ours, when she died, the same burden,
8:29 am
and who may have been in attendance with her or not. >> joining me live from orlando, attorney anne bremner. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> so you've been there for this trial. give me your sense of the jury. >> you know, we have a stone-faced jury, that's not unusual in a high-profile case i saw it in the scott peterson case, the michael jackson case. they don't want to give away anything they're think, they know the whole world's watching them, the courtroom's watching them. we don't have a sense. we have a fairly balanced jury in terms of men and women, backgrounds, you know, et cetera been there was one question about a juror picked that said she couldn't judge anybody. but that's not that important, it's been brought out all you need to do is judge the facts, not the person. we'll see what they come up with but they're not giving us any indication right now. >> okay. how about the length of arguments? if some go too long does that
8:30 am
irritate or anger the judge or the jury, or is there carte blanche do whatever you need to do considering what's at stake here? >> i was thinking about that. a very famous closing in the death penalty case went for, i think, days but that was to a judge. i think to a jury, you've got to keep it short, they've got all day right now slated for the closing. remember the state goes first, then the defense. but then the state, the prosecution, has rebuttal just like they had in the rebuttal case. but they've got to put this case together for the jury but it's been a long trial. it's going to be the fourth of july, presumably when they start deliberating and jurors want to get to this and get home, at least for a while, unless there's a penalty phase, of course, you know. >> what is the main points the prosecution will make because it's been said repeatedly you cannot have the prosecution specifically say how caylee anthony died and that's a problem. >> right. but you know what? there's going to be an instruction from the judge, and
8:31 am
this is so important, circumstantial evidence is equal to direct evidence. it has the same weight. you hear people say, this i just a circumstantial case. a circumstantial case is stronger, it's like the saying that witnesses can and do lie or they can be mistaken but evidence never lies. they have a strong circumstantial case and they're going to drive that home with the jury. it doesn't matter if they can't show exactly how she died, the fact is she's dead and circumstances show according to them that casey anthony's the killer. you have the duct tape that the body and the car, all of the forensic evidence, her lie, 31 days they're going to put that altogether for the jury. >> the defense has a lot of explaining to do, given ail the promises they made that they did not deliver on. so what can they say in closing statements? >> well, this is a case really that they overpromised and undersold. what they're going to have to do is switch gears. there's a rule that we have as lawyers that 80% of jurors make up their minds in opening
8:32 am
statement. if they made up their mind open statement they'd be on the side. the sengs exception is when you prove what you say. inferences from the evidence, simply to say there's an inference about drowninger she loved to swim, ladder was up, there's no cause of death we don't know when she died, who was with her, everything stated on the motions to dismiss, there's a lot for him to argue. i don't know if he'll do a mea culpa saying i said some things in opening that didn't come out in evidence don't hold it against my client, that's my fall, decide the case on the evidence you've heard, and there's so much reasonable doubt, seeds of reasonable doubt he has sowed throughout the case she'll say to the jury. >> the judge will have i believe 16 points on which the jury will hear all of the instructions. really specific things he's told attorneys they cannot do.
8:33 am
so, do you expect -- >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, these are rules that apply everywhere but it's unusual for a judge to have a specific order to the lawyers saying you can't argue what has not been presented in evidence, that's a rule we all live by we don't need an order. >> wonder how that will play out. >> it's a wrap now. things are going down in 30 minutes. we'll be speaking with you late or this morning. thank you. we want to know what all of you think. our question, do you think casey anthony will be convicted? tweet me your responses on twitter, handle there @alex witt. herman cain attacked president obama on job creation. the former ce of of godfather's pizza outlined his own economic plan calling for a job for every home. eleanor cliff is a contributing editor for "newsweek" and "the daily beast." cane got huge applause to the
8:34 am
comments what kind of damage can a pop lift rhetoric on taxes and jobs creation do to obama. >> herman cain, a fringe candidate, his attack does have merit. the president's policies to the general public seem to have benefited wall street while main street is suffering and the speculation that the secretary of the treasury, tim geithner, may be leaving after debt ceiling deal is reached, i think that's probably good news for the president because he can put someone else in there, not necessarily who is able to change the picture on job creation but who will send a different signal to the public, this is a president who is fighting for average people. and i think at this point, the larger economic forces are really difficult to change but the president can do symbolic things, like focusing on corporate jets and like putting in a new treasury secretary that people can relate to.
8:35 am
>> symbolic's one thing. what can the president do in a practical sense between now and the election to bolster his record on job creation, i.e., create jobs? >> short of direct money into the marketplace to direct jobs, the president really does not have that much leverage. he can jawbone, and jawboning is important, and i think if you look at corporate america, they're sitting on a lot of money and they're not hiring. they say it's because the demand isn't there, and there's uncertainty about regulations and so forth. i think the president could put pressure on corporate america to try to take a few risks and hire some people. and he's traveling around the country to strategically placed states, states he's going to need to win re-election and spotlighting the manufacturing industries of tomorrow. they're not the old assembly line factories but they're solar panels, they're smart cars, they're super duper places and he's got to look to that part of the economy to create jobs.
8:36 am
i think that will happen. it may not happen in time to save his re-election, however. >> okay. eleanor clift, a little bit short. a lot of stuff going on. good to see you, thank you. prince william and kate middleton make head leans in canada. the on day four of a nine-day whirlwind tour through the great white north, doing from everything planting trees to visiting cancer patients. nbc's peter alexander covering all things royal from montreal. a good sunday morning to you. what's the latest on their journey? >> reporter: another full day on tap today for william and indicate. tough to be the future king and queen, isn't it? these guys have a sunday prayer service, that's how they start off. for public events we're learning about some quiet time they've been able to carve out during course of this trip. friday in a window where we didn't see them, they shed their own security and went to the prime minister's exclusive retreat where william took his new bride on a rowboat to a
8:37 am
quiet log cabin. beneath the glow of fireworks, the duke and duchess of cambridge boarded a royal canadian naval ship, setting sail up the saint lawrence rival to quebec city. the stops in quebec may prove the ultimate test of the couple's charm. just two years ago, demonstrators greeted william's father, prince charles, with violent protests. so far, this trip no real problems. late saturday, at a culinary academy in montreal, william and kate gave cooking a try, a skill the prince said he's hoping to improve. royal admirers lined up outside the children's hospital hours in advance, even if only for a quick glimpse. >> they're really a charming couple, too, et cetes especiall wife. >> we grew up with the monarchy.
8:38 am
they still mean a lot to us. >> reporter: observers say canada's experiencing a royal renaissance. >> the monarchy able to reconnect in canada because of william and kate. there's an interest in this beautiful, young girl almost like the jackie o. of this generation and with prince william you have the diana factor. >> reporter: this 11-day north american visit has been carefully choreographed to ease kate into her new royal duties. beginning in ottawa on saturday, kate arrived in a glamorous gray dress and heels, still she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty as the newlyweds planted a ceremonial tree a symbol of their love. joining the royals, more than a dozen couples, some of them celebrating more than 50 years together, all married on april 29th, the same day as william and kate. and in an exchange reminiscent of william's mother, diana, the couple visited a cancer patient.
8:39 am
the kindness had given him a tremendous lift. back at montreal children's hospital, a touching moech between the uk's future king and queen and canada's own next generation. so now the countdown is officially on until william and kate arrive in the united states specifically california, specifically southern california, it's only three days alex but they still have a pretty good visit in store. a black-tie hollywood gala plan, chard pola match planned in santa barbara and a job fair as well. >> a well-rounded trip. thank you for covering it for us, peter alexander. switching gearser this is great a small nonprofit organization in maryland is helping america's wounded warriors get back on their feet in more ways than one this fourth of july weekend and help comes courtesy of loyal four-legged friends. heroes dogs incorporated trains and places dogs as kay line care take to injured and disabled u.s. soldiers.
8:40 am
great idea. comes to us via jennifer lund, found somewhere president in studio with a couple of precious pooches. ike here. >> general icen how. >> that's a good one. tell me how you zpided to put this together. what a great idea. >> well, i've been involved with training service dogs for a long. time. some of my colleagues and i felt in the washington, d.c. area, where there are so many returning vet veterans, a lot of v.a. centers there wasn't a local organization dedicated just to the needs of veterans and those needs are really great. >> and these are oftentimes the wounded veterans that need these dogs. >> yes. >> for really to just help them get around and to do all sorts of chores. first of all what kind of dogs make good ones? a lab, correct? >> yes. >> another darling golden lab there that we're going to bring over, that's radar coming on, too. are they the best for training for these duties? >> in general we choose
8:41 am
retrievers because most of the dogs' task are about manipulating items, retrieving things, picking things up, delivering something to the hand. >> let's show some of this. can i pick some of this? these are items you can use to give an example, demonstrate. >> something you drop? >> keys, hello. oh, no. >> ike. ike. give. >> good ike. perfect. >> if you're in a wheelchair you can't bend over and pick up. what the other thing you drop? phones. ike, take it. good boy. >> nice! that's great. >> pens. oops, lost a pen. a lot of what the dogs do is about retrieving. incredible. bring radar over too. will it be chaos? do they work well together? come on over here, radar. beautiful dogs. friendly. i have to tell them, i stopped by, when they were sitting in the green room i got on the floor with these guys, that he
8:42 am
so sweet. he took this. >> we would use a pole like that to attach it to a door or cabinet and he can open a refrigerator a heavy door, i cabinet. >> that is great. >> he learns to pull. >> credit cards as well. >> pick up a credit card. >> i'm so impressed with what these dogs do. let's just talk about price. how people can help out. how people can get one of these dogs, if they need one. >> we do not charge anything at all to veteran for the dog or the training, so there's no charge to them. they can apply via our website. the cost to actually train the dog is, it takes us 2 1/2 years altogether to complete training. ike just had his first birthday a week ago. radar is 5 months old, so both have quite a bit of training left to do. they will, i'm sure, do very well. they're loving dogs. thank you so much for coming and joining us and bringing these dogs up here. happy fourth of july within.
8:43 am
if any of you would like to contribute, in some small way, or become a volunteer, find out more about all of these patriotic pooch, their providers grab a pen. we'll be right back. i'm going to play with the dogs. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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50 years since american writer ernest hemingway committed suicide. but there's shocking, new revelations about the case. hemingway's suicide is actually attributed to depression, and perhaps paranoia. a new article friday by hemingway friend says the fbi may have been investigating him. joining me now, marty beckerman, author of "the hemingway." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> glad you're here. what do you know about the reasons behind hemingway's suicide? 50 years ago today. >> toward the end of his life he had trouble writing, his body was in complete disrepair of 50
8:47 am
years of alcoholic pummeling, so he was falling apart. the important thing i get out in my book is he lived before he died. he had such an amazing globe trotting adventurous life. today we are so scared of death that we never really live. you know, we're scared that the sun might give us cancer, so we don't go outside, we're scared that steak might raise our cholesterol so we don't eat that. hemingway knew it was bettor have 61 amazing years than 91 mediocre years. >> that comes through in what we read about him, his writings as well. having an honorable life and with courage. what i find interesting about him, here's this guy that we put up on a pedestal as being the ultimate man's man a guy all about drinking, meat eating, carousing around, divorcing. he was a character that way. >> the hemingway cartoon character has, in many way, surpassed hemingway the novelist. i'm in my 20s i think most people my age, maybe they never read "for whom the bell tolls "s
8:48 am
or old man in the sea. earn knows the hemingway cartoon character. he was his best own fictional character. >> your book "the hemingway" you bring up cartoon. >> it's both. it is a parody, it's fun, humor a loving tribute. i like the guy. i read every novel, short stories, you better like who you're writing about, unless writing about hitler. >> my cousin told me, one i missed "islands in the stream." the book is humor, fun. but what a hope, i hope it inspires young people if they laugh at my book, they go back to the original source material because he was brilliant. >> what's the greatest thing you admire about him? >> the way he lived, the way he wrote, everything. we don't have the attention span for "for whom the bell tolls" we barely have the attention span for watching kitties on youtube. wait, hemingway would love
8:49 am
kitties on youtube. if they had six toes. >> the special cats he had. the book called" the hemming way." thank you for speaking with us. >> closing arguments come ug up in the casey anthony trial. how much weight will these carry in the minds of the jurors? live legal analysis next. u it. i've trieit. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe. salonpas. naturals from delicious, real ingredients
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just moments away from closing argumented in the casey anthony murder trial. the prosecution and defense are going to make their final case to the jury, made up of seven women, five men. a quick look at jury makeup. among the men, three in their 30s, two others in their 50s, one is a high school p.e. teacher, another has a daughter who is about the same age as caylee was when she was killed. for the women, five older than 50, one in her 40s, one has a father who works in law enforcement, another has no children but works with agency dealing with issues of child
8:53 am
welfare. let's bring in our legal pan toll weigh in. randy zellen, jonah spill borg, a criminal defense attorney. they are in court now. it started at 9:00 a.m. traditionally every day, going through procedural discussions and rules and regulations. we're just going to keep a close eye on things. clowing arguments, we heard half a day for each within, if not longer, does that make sense, given what's at stake? >> sounds long but think what both sides have to do during close, argument, they are to connect the dots. for the last 33 days they've created the dots, given the evidence to the jury, and they have to string it together, it's going to be tough for both sides. the prosecutioning they vent proven first-degree murder which is what they need for the death penalty. the other side, the defense is crying to create reasonable doubt but the theories the
8:54 am
defense put forward, they -- >> they haven't gone there. >> no zingers. the jury's going to have to infer, from what they can from the evidence, and the closing argument is a good opportunity for both sides to sew up cases. >> any side benefits more from a long closing argument or a concern of a meandering and hard to stay focussed? >> i think whoever meanders is in trouble. i think what we both agree on here, less has to be more. we come from a world of law and order and csi you try cases in, what, 12, 10, 9 minutes on television. no juror is able to sit there and take it in three, four year. if i'm baez i need to own my opening statement and hope i get a smile out of a jurorly tell l. tell me i have a shot and say thank god what i say in opening
8:55 am
isn't evidence. i have to focus on what, where, when, which means they haven't proven why. if i'm the prosecutor, i focus in on behavior. >> in closing argumentsing in now will be put in, it's a sumization of what's happened. how much weight do you have to give the closing argument when it's going over that which has already been processed through the trial? >> again closing argument is not evidence. the evidence is already done. what the attorneys need to do is show the jurors how each side wants them to think. the jurors are allowed to enfer from the evidence their conclusion, basically. that's how they're going to render their verdict. there are a lot of up answered questions after 33 days of testimony. so what the job of the attorneys is to try to answer those questions without presenting anything new. it's tough but it's the most important part of the trial. >> yeah. if you are a defense attorney, which you are, and you're able
8:56 am
to pick jurors for this case, what's your perfect profile, given someone that you think will be most amenable, sympathetic to your cause that having heard all of this? what do you want? >> truth of matter is, this is not a fair fight. so i'm looking for an acquittal, and on my worst day looking for a hung jury. if i'm casey anthony's lawyer i want one j juror who would wanto date her. >> or you. >> you want a juror to connect to me. i want a jur who are would want to fix her, if not date her. i'd want jurors who if i'm a security guard and you came in and showed me your i.d., i want to see it again when you come back because i take nothing for granted. >> you're not go anything where. the trial will get under way shortly. randy, jonah, thanks so much. reporting closing arguments will begin technically four minutes
8:57 am
from now in the casey anthony trial. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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